​​Who is Dan Galloway?

​Dan Galloway is a humorous and engaging motivational speaker and career consultant who will travel anywhere to encourage youth and adults to
BELIEVE IN THEMSELVESFOLLOW THEIR DREAMS, and PERSEVERE through adversity. Dan’s passion for making a difference grows stronger by the day. Dan gives talks wherever humans come together to LAUGH, LEARN, and BE INSPIRED.

Escaping the Box

​"Dan has led many seminars for me over the past 5-6 years. He is one of the most dynamic motivational speakers I have ever encountered.  His enthusiasm is contagious, and every person who participates in his seminars comes away changed in some way (for the better, I might add). His eternal optimism is something to behold, and Dan uses it well as a training technique. In many cases the participants in Dan's seminars are not even aware that they are learning, primarily because of Dan's entertaining style."
​                                                                                                                                                          - Bob Starkes, United Way Program Director

The Stop Sign

Be Crazy and Follow Your Dreams

Speaking Engagements - College Students and Teens
“Dan was entertaining, knowledgeable, insightful, authentic, and fun.”  – Kathleen O’Grady

Dan has been a guest speaker on various career transition topics at Duke University, North Carolina State University, Wake Forest University, Wake Tech Community College, the G.A.P Teen Entrepreneurship Camp, and various career expos. While in a full-time career coaching role at the University of Central Florida (UCF), Dan was a regular speaker at fraternities, sororities, classes, clubs, and organizations. At UCF, Dan’s passion for inspiring youth was recognized when he was nominated as a Student Affairs Outstanding Employee of the Year Finalist. 

    Dan Galloway, Speaker - Motivational and Humorous

​​​"​Within the opening moments of a seminar Dan Galloway is facilitating, you recognize this will be a memorable event! Dan has a gift for engaging his audience and stimulating interaction among participants. Even introverted attendees are buoyed by the high level of class participation levels..." ​

​ - Sara Marion, Raleigh, NC​

Outplacement Workshops / Career Consulting - Adults

For more than 20 years, Dan served as a Consultant and Workshop Facilitator at Right Management, a global career management / outplacement firm. Dan led hundreds of classes and provided individual coaching in seven states for thousands of professionals whose positions were impacted by downsizing. One of his most rewarding experiences involved the collaboration of 18 trainers in the delivery of 10 interactive career transition training modules to more than 3,000 professionals over a 30-month period. On another project, he facilitated a series of two-day seminars over a six-week period for 250 assembly line workers at a manufacturing plant. Dan considers himself lucky to have been a part of so many assignments in which he had impact in the lives of those struggling with significant change.​​

​​​Adversity & Perseverance

A cornerstone of motivational speaking is persevering through adversity while following a dream. Dan’s journey has been jam packed with challenges that have tested his resiliency and determination. At age six, Dan’s adoptive dad passed away in front of him. As childhood progressed, he was bullied, sustained a concussion, miraculous survived a car accident, and came extremely close to drowning in the Atlantic. During his first semester in college, Dan’s roommate never slept and repeatedly tried to light him on fire. In his mid-30’s, Dan learned that the “real” ADHD had played in role in the challenges he had faced for years. In an ongoing quest for information about his biological background, Dan’s endurance has been tested and there have been some startling revelations. Despite all the adversity Dan has faced and continues to manage, his ENTHUSIASM and SENSE OF HUMOR are alive and well. Dan loves what he does!​


Prior to becoming a motivational speaker and career consultant, Dan worked as a recruiter at SeaWorld Orlando, Hilton (Walt Disney property), and Universal Studios. Dan’s Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Public Communication & Human Relations was earned at Western Illinois University. Dan is certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and incorporates it into career transition classes, individual career coaching, and team building seminars. Dan loves what he does!