Who is Dan Galloway?

Dan Galloway is a humorous and engaging Motivational Speaker, Seminar Leader, and Career Coach who is on earth to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Based in Raleigh, NC, he will travel anywhere to inspire others to BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES and FOLLOW THEIR DREAMS. Dan gives talks and conducts seminars wherever adults and/or youth are brought together to LAUGH, LEARN, and BE INSPIRED.

 "Dan Galloway is a dynamic speaker who not only captivates the audience, but he pulls you in as an active participant." 
                                                                              - Joe Badera, of Raleigh, NC

"Dan is highly energetic, creative and excites you to become a better you in whatever capacity you serve as an employee/employer. His optimism is contagious and when I think of the way Dan engages his audiences, I sum it up this way: it is IMPOSSIBLE not to grow after sitting in one of Dan's seminars."
                                                                                                   - Dexter Scott, Speaker, Raleigh, NC​

​"Dan has led many seminars for me over the past 5-6 years. He is one of the most dynamic motivational speakers I have ever encountered.  His enthusiasm is contagious, and every person who participates in his seminars comes away changed in some way (for the better, I might add). His eternal optimism is something to behold, and Dan uses it well as a training technique.  ​In many cases the participants in Dan's seminars are not even aware that they are learning, primarily because of Dan's entertaining style."​​​​​    
                                                                                                            - Bob Starkes, United Way Program Director

Past Engagements
Dan has been a guest speaker at Duke University, Wake Forest University, United Way, Capital Area Workforce Career Expos, ECPI, two tourism bureaus (Raleigh and Chicago), G.A.P Teen Entrepreneurship Camp, and the YMCA. One of Dan's most exciting motivational speaking experiences took place when he delivered two keynotes on opposite coasts in a 24-hour period; the first in Huntington Beach, CA, the second in Wilmington, NC. He has created and delivered continuing education classes for Wake County Lifelong Learning, Valencia Community College, and Wake Tech Community College. Twice, Dan was selected to emcee youth variety shows that raised money for annual mission trips.

Past Talks and Seminars
​* Believe in YOU
* The Big Picture of Adversity
​* Career Transition for the Distracted and Determined
* Diversity and Personality Dynamics in Teams 
* 15 Ways to Catch the Eyes of Employers
* Follow YOUR Dreams
* LinkedIn and the Big Picture of Networking
* Personality Dynamics During a Career Transition
* 10 Ways College Students and Recent Graduates Can Impress Employers
​* YOU are Here for a Reason
​* YOUR Career Transition / Job Search* Believe in YOU​

​​​A Wild Journey
Since entering earth's atmosphere more than 19,000 days ago, Dan’s perseverance streak and faith have been tested, relentlessly on many occasions. In his early days, he witnessed his adoptive dad's death, was bullied, nearly drowned in the Atlantic Ocean, and miraculously lived to tell about a school bus that went through a red light and demolished his car. As an adult, Dan’s life has continued to be a wild adventure. In addition to living with the unique dynamics of ADHD, Dan has learned numerous and invaluable lessons as a job candidate, employee, and entrepreneur that, have in turn, helped others. Dan is an “open book” and ENTHUSIASTICALLY welcomes opportunities to inspire others while sharing stories from his life’s massive library of craziness. Despite all the aforementioned challenges, his ENTHUSIASM and SENSE of HUMOR are VERY ALIVE and WELL. 

​​Career Consulting
Dan's background in career consulting is extensive. He served as a Career Coach and Career Transition Seminar Leader for more than 20 years with two global career transition / outplacement firms. Dan led hundreds of classes and provided individual coaching in seven states for thousands of professionals whose positions were impacted by downsizing. One of his most rewarding experiences involved the collaboration of 18 trainers in the delivery of 10 interactive career transition training modules to more than 3,000 professionals over a 30-month period. On another project, he facilitated a series of two-day seminars over a six-week period for 250 assembly line workers at a manufacturing plant. Dan considers himself lucky to have been a part of so many assignments in which he had impact in the lives of those struggling with significant change.​​

​Prior to Entrepreneurship
Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Dan’s fun style and unbridled enthusiasm led to the nomination as a Student Affairs Outstanding Service Finalist while in a career coaching position with the University of Central Florida. His background also includes work in fast paced recruiting capacities with SeaWorld Orlando, Hilton at Disney World Resort, and Universal Studios. ​Dan’s Bachelor of Arts in Communications – Public Communication & Human Relations was earned at Western Illinois University. Certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Dan incorporates the assessment into his career transition and team building seminars. He also uses the MBTI in individual coaching and with couples. There is no question, Dan is on earth to make a difference!​

Dan Galloway, Motivational Speaker - BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

​"​Within the opening moments of a seminar Dan Galloway is facilitating, you recognize this will be a memorable event! Dan has a gift for engaging his audience and stimulating interaction among participants. Even introverted attendees are buoyed by the high level of class participation levels..." ​

​ - Sara Marion, Business Analyst, Raleigh, NC​