​​​​​​​​Dan's Biography 

Who is Dan Galloway?
Dan Galloway is an entertaining motivational speaker, big picture storyteller, and engaging workshop facilitator who relishes in opportunities to empower others. One of Dan's most exciting experiences was delivering two keynotes on opposite coasts in a 24-hour period; the first in Huntington Beach, CA, the second in Wilmington, NC. Dan has been a guest speaker at Duke University, Wake Forest University, United Way, career expos, healthcare facilities, job search support groups, two tourism bureaus (Raleigh and Chicago), and the Triangle YMCA. Dan has created and delivered classes for adult continuing education programs for Wake Technical Community College and Wake County Public Schools Lifelong Learning. Twice, Dan emceed youth variety shows that raised money for annual mission trips. 

​​​Themes and Settings   
Dan speaks on the big picture, career transition, change, perseverance, and perspective, wherever others come together to LAUGH, LEARN, and BE INSPIRED; some examples include associations, camps, colleges, companies, community events, conferences (adult & youth), high schools, and non profits. 

Career Consulting Background
Dan's background in career consulting is extensive. He served as a career coach and career transition workshop leader for more than 15 years with two global career transition / outplacement firms. Dan led hundreds of classes and provided individual coaching in seven states for thousands of professionals whose positions were impacted by downsizing. One of his most rewarding experiences involved the collaboration of 18 trainers in the delivery of 10 interactive career transition training modules to more than 3,000 professionals over a 30-month period. On another project, he facilitated a series of two-day workshops over a six-week period for 250 assembly line workers at a manufacturing plant. Dan considers himself lucky to have been a part of so many assignments in which he had impact in the lives of those struggling with significant change.​​

Since entering earth's atmosphere more than 19,000 days ago, Dan has crawled, walked, ran, hopped, skipped, jumped, and swam a thrilling journey, jam-packed with intriguing characters, shocking plot twists, and breathtaking cliffhangers. It has been jam-packed with action, adventure, ​comedy, drama, horror...and HOPE. Without question, Dan’s story is one for the ages!

Adversity began quite early for Dan. At age six, he came face-to-face with tragedy as the sole witness to his dad's life-ending heart attack. As childhood progressed, Dan’s self-esteem was often impacted by bullies, some of whom used left hooks while others resorted to verbal abuse. He sustained other injuries (unrelated to bullying) that landed him in emergency rooms throughout Chicago. When Dan was 10, he came within seconds of drowning before his uncle rescued him from a series of strong ocean rip currents. In high school,
Dan survived an accident that rendered his mom's car useless. Little did Dan realize that the things he faced early in life were mild in comparison with what he would face as an adult. Among many other things, the lessons he's learned as a job candidate and business owner have been numerous and invaluable. In his speaking engagements, he reveals many, many more experiences that taught him the importance of having a “never quit” attitude. Despite all the aforementioned challenges, Dan's CONTAGIOUS ENTHUSIASM and SPONTANEOUS SENSE OF HUMOR have remained intact and his POSITIVE, BIG PICTURE PERSPECTIVE is alive and well.

Prior to Entrepreneurship
Before venturing the route of entrepreneurship, Dan’s fun style and unbridled enthusiasm led to the nomination as a Student Affairs Outstanding Service Finalist while in a career coaching position with the University of Central Florida. His background also includes work in fast paced recruiting capacities with SeaWorld Orlando, Hilton at Disney World Resort, and Universal Studios.​ ​Dan’s Bachelor of Arts in Communications – Public Communication & Human Relations was earned at Western Illinois University. He is certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and incorporates the assessment into workshops on career transition and team building. He also uses the MBTI in individual coaching and with couples. Dan is on earth to make a difference!

​"​Within the opening moments of a seminar Dan Galloway is facilitating, you recognize this will be a memorable event! Dan has a gift for engaging his audience and stimulating interaction among participants. Even introverted attendees are buoyed by the high level of class participation levels..." ​

​ - Sara Marion, Business Analyst, Raleigh, NC​

​​​​​​​​​​​        Dan Galloway, Speaker & Career Consultant 
- Sent to Earth to Make a Difference!