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Based in Raleigh and willing to travel anywhere to make a difference, Dan Galloway is the owner of Think Big Picture and a passionate speaker / workshop facilitator who uses his enthusiasm and spontaneous humor to inspire others!  He relishes in opportunities to inspire humans to appreciate adversity, embrace a "possibilities" mindset, focus on the big picture, and persevere.   For 20 years, Dan's speaking and facilitation style has been described by trillions as ENERGIZING, ENGAGING, ENLIGHTENING, ENTERTAINING, and ENLIVENING.  

Who is Dan Galloway?
Dan's Bachelor of Arts in Communications – Public Communication & Human Relations was earned at Western Illinois University and he is certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).   Dan's first book was completed in 2009. "Customer Service - Thinking Big Picture is an easy-read that focuses on the little things that make up the big picture of customer service.   Dan is presently working on autobiography that promises to be inspirational, thrilling and humorous.
​“It has been my personal and professional pleasure to work with Dan. Beyond setting the gold standard for being a captivating and energetic speaker and facilitator, Dan has the unique ability to awaken each member of an audience to complex concepts and materials in an easy to understand fashion. Dan is a consummate learner and extremely adaptive as it relates to contemporary tools and leveraging social media. Without hesitation, ​I would hire Dan to meet my own organization's needs as they relate to coaching, facilitating and motivating.”

- Ted Donnelly, National Partner Manager (Information Technology)

Think Big Picture

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​Where does Dan inspire humans (and get them to laugh)?

ANY event that brings humans together ...
learn, laugh,
and be inspired.


"​Within the opening moments of a seminar Dan Galloway is facilitating, you recognize this will be a memorable event!   Dan has a gift for engaging his audience and stimulating interaction among participants.   Even introverted attendees are buoyed by the high level of class participation levels..."    ​   

 - Sara Marion, Business Analyst (Healthcare)

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