Outplacement Workshops

Joe Lipka wrote...
“Dan's help and encouragement during my career transition was a key in keeping me going forward. Enthusiasm and confidence are the keys to maintaining sanity and momentum during a job search. Dan has both qualities in abundance and has the rare ability to project them to people. Thank you, Dan, for all you did to keep me going during my job search!”



Resume Development





“Dan has an amazing way of helping people discover their talents, and finding the career path that will highlight their strengths, while minimizing weaknesses. During a life transition, he helped me figure out that real estate is the absolute perfect industry for my specific set of talents, and as soon as I got started I realized it would be a life long career. It was like I was made to be a Realtor and just didn't know it. I thank Dan wholeheartedly for helping me find my calling.” – Robyn Haynes Owen

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